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Who we are

Diversity is a cornerstone of modern society, and the Australian community is no exception. With a rich tapestry of cultures and heritages, Australia is home to people from various backgrounds who contribute to the nation's unique cultural fabric.
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At AMCC, we provide community engagements, including 
youth and women group activities, learning workshops traditional and religious celebrations, seniors group activities, disability Support services, family support and health and wellbeing.

We actively promote and celebrate diversity by creating a platform to enable individuals from different cultural backgrounds to thrive, succeed, and contribute meaningfully to the Australian community.

Our organisation supports diversity that can play an active role in fostering community engagement and integration. This can involve partnering with local community organisations that cater to diverse cultural groups, sponsoring community events and festivals, and actively participating in initiatives that promote cross-cultural understanding and harmony.

Language Support and Cultural Awareness programs

We provide Language Support and Cultural Awareness programs that support diversity and recognise that language can be a barrier for individuals from non-English speaking backgrounds. Providing language support, such as translation services, language training programs, and multilingual resources, can help employees overcome language barriers and feel included in the workplace. This can also extend to providing cultural awareness training that educates employees about different cultural customs, practices, and etiquette.

Our approach

Facilitating Integration for Seniors

Engaging seniors from migrant backgrounds in community activities fosters social integration, builds friendships, and create a sense of belonging in the Australian community.

Cultivating an Inclusive Workplace Culture

Creating an inclusive workplace culture is the foundation that supports diversity. It starts with leadership setting the tone by actively valuing and respecting diversity and inclusion. 


Australia Multiculture Community Centre
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